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Forex Training Courses • Trading Forex in South Africa

Jaba Forex Training forms part of the Jaba Investments family. After participating in the forex industry for quite some time, our traders decided to start a trader training company to specifically help people who are new to forex trading.

Why try to teach people how to trade you might ask? As traders, we saw the benefit and need of diversifying our portfolio into other avenues. Adding a training offering as part of our existing portfolio was the most natural option for us to take.

We are proud to say that the training materials we offer is some of the most affordable in the forex industry. We believe good training should not have to cost a fortune. What makes our trading approach different, is that we use both Technical and Fundamental Analysis in our trading.

Another area where we are different is that we do not try to sell Forex Trading as something easy. Forex trading is a very intricate market with many variables that are constantly changing and adapting. Learning how to trade forex successfully will take lots of dedication, commitment and time.

See some Frequently Asked Questions below…


What is Forex?

The word Forex is derived from the words Foreign Exchange. It refers to the exchange of currencies.

What is the Forex Market?

The Forex market is the largest financial market in the world where currencies are traded and exchanged. The Forex Market has an approximate daily trading volume of $5.3 Trillion Dollars.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex Trading is the speculative buying and selling of one currency versus another.

Is there risk involved in Forex Trading?

Yes absolutely, just like any other investment there is always risk involved. If there was no risk there would be no reward. It is possible to lose all of your investment capital in one single trade. However, that will only happen if you do not follow the rules. You need to learn how to manage risk instead of avoiding it.

Why trade Forex?

  1. The Forex Market has great liquidity
  2. You can trade both rising and falling markets
  3. Operates 24 hours a day 5 days a week
  4. Decentralised market meaning you don’t trade through a physical stock exchange
  5. Competitive broker market means better fees for traders

These are just a few of the reasons…

Who can trade Forex?

Although a background in economics would be beneficial, you do not need formal financial education or skills to participate in Forex Trading. Anyone can learn how to trade, but trading is not easy and will take lots of dedication, commitment and time to be successful.

How long will it take me to work through your training course and / or manuals?

As everybody studies at a different pace this will be different from student to student.

Our advice would be to TAKE YOUR TIME. Focus on retaining as much info as possible and not on how quick you can work through the information.

Do you offer support after your courses?

Yes. We offer 3 Months Free Mentorship and support after our Forex Day Trading Courses.

Why only offer 3 Months of Free Mentorship & Support?

It has been our experience that most people think Forex Trading is easy, but it is not. Majority of students think they will become successful by simply watching a few videos or reading a few pages. However, becoming successful takes lots of commitment and dedication.

By offering our mentorship and support for 3 months only, motivates students to put in the effort of studying and practising after their course.

Is Forex Trading a get rich quick scheme?

Absolutely not! People who promise that Forex Trading will make you rich quickly is trying to scam you. Success in Forex trading will not happen overnight. For more info on this please read our article Forex Trading is not a get rich quick scheme

Is Forex Trading a scam?

There are many scammers in the Forex industry. Trading Forex in South Africa is considered as a scam by many people because of the false advertising in the Forex Industry. However, there are reputable companies out there that offer great services.

How much money can I make in Forex?

The answers to this question involves a lot of variables. For example, how long will it take you to grasp all the concepts and trade successfully? Will you be able to stick to the rules? Will you be able to adapt to constant changes in the markets. How much capital will you start trading with? How much time will you realistically have available to trade each week? How much are you planning to risk on each individual trade?

This is not a quick or easy answer and will be different from person to person. Forex trading will take a lot of hard work and commitment and focussing on how much you can make is the wrong attitude and approach in our opinion.

How long will it take me to trade successfully?

As mentioned above, this answer will be different from person to person. There are many factors that will determine how fast you grasp Forex Trading. For example, how much time will you have available to study and practise, how long will it take you to grasp the basic and advanced elements, will you stick to the rules and the strategy, all these things will determine the speed of your success.

Some people catch on quickly, and others spend years trying to trade profitably and never reach a point of success.

Is Forex Trading right for me?

Forex Trading is not for everyone. Trading is one of the most difficult things that I have ever tried to do, and not many people will have the commitment and dedication to make it work. Also, not everybody has the right personality for trading.

Please read our article written specifically on this subject Forex Trading – Is Forex Trading the right choice for me.

Are there people Trading Forex in South Africa?

Yes, probably a lot more than you might think. Forex Trading is still very young in South Africa, but it has been around for many years and there are quite a number of people living in South Africa that make their living by trading.

How do I know you guys are for real?

Please feel free to make an appointment to come and meet us in person. We have been trading Forex in South Africa for a couple of years and are active participants in the industry.

Why Train with us?

Our Forex Trading Training is straightforward, transparent and affordable. We do not promise overnight riches. We do not claim it is easy because it is not.

We teach that being successful in Forex Trading will take lots of hard work and commitment.

Our trading approach includes both Technical and Fundamental Analysis as we believe you need both in order to trade successfully.